Direct Product Supplier

We are able to deliver you design of models, new designs and materials, coordination with client´s designer and material suppliers, logistic for import and export (incl. consolidation).

CMT business

We also specialize in offering CMT services, to import materials from outside China and handle all procedures as materials importation, transportation, import duty registration, etc.

Sourcing Agent

We function as your China sourcing agent, providing comprehensive one-stop purchasing services and dedicated to find the best low cost source solution and consolidate from different sources.


S-Techo manufactures workwear and PPE, which is well known for its skillful labor, resourceful material suppliers, reliability and a competitive-cost product solution that do not compromise quality. As a workwear manufacturer we have the experience and expertise to bring it all to fruition, in a seamless system, focuses on providing progressive product development, OEM, sourcing and production organization and supervision services under one roof.




Cook & Sanitary




Safety Gloves

Earmuff and Glasses

Dust Mask


We can accommodate your needs through our headquarter in mainland China or any of our affiliates in Germany, France, Slovenia, U.S. and Hong Kong. With over 14 years of hands-on experience as exporter and agency servicing workwear and PPE importers, wholesalers and leasing companies of European countries (mainly France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Poland, etc.) S-Techo takes care of clients with total dedication capability and commitments.

As direct product supplier we are able to deliver you:

Organization, monitoring and project management for product development, such as designing, tooling, and packaging

The process from designing to serial production:

  • Request a Quotation
  • Analysis of Products
  • Research of suppliers – long list
  • Pre-visiting of suppliers – short list
  • Audits and final decisions on suppliers
  • Design and development of tooling
  • Submit prototype for customer evaluation
  • Customer approval of prototype and offer of trial-order
  • Customer approval of serial supply contract

Upon customer demand, tooling cost will be provided by Shentou.

Strong sourcing competence for:

OEMs in occupational wear:

  • Fabrics
  • Sanitary & catering wear
  • Functional wear (safety)
  • Industrial workwear
  • Hi-vi wear
  • Others


  • Industrial worwear
  • Sanitary wear
  • Functional wear (safety)
  • Catering wear
  • Hi-vi wear
  • Outdoor
Consolidation Service is one of Shentou’s key services. The entire purchasing process is now consolidated from multi-supplier management with different product ranges, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), production lead time and delivery locations to unified quality standards and uniform packing requirements.

For a project, we do consolidation of different types of fabrics to cutters – sometimes even 8-10 different fabrics from different supplier, in order to fulfill their demand and reduce their stock level.

Private Label Service is another one of Shentou’s signature services for international customers purchasing automotive parts in China. Supplied by Shentou with customers’ own branding, these products come with the customers‘ own logos, labels and color boxes.

The professional Private Label Service Team at Shentou is experienced enough to manage the program from start to finish, for customers who either already have complete private label profiles or have just decided to launch their own brands from scratch.

Orders for products from different suppliers are consolidated for the most efficient and economical shipment, with options of customized pick-and-pack arrangements and international drop shipments.

The professionals at Shentou are knowledgeable and experienced in helping you streamline your China-related supply chain operations with Shentou’s modularized services of product development, quality audit & quality control, financing and warehousing.

We provide the following services on customer demand:

  • Quality system auditing before ordering, following ISO standards and other related stanards
  • Prototype / sample inspection and release
  • Quality control before shipment, to ensure the products follow the customer’s technical specifications
  • Quality control for incoming goods, to ensure the technical specifications for warehousing customers
  • Monitoring the whole process from trial (small) order to serial production to mass production
  • Follow-up processing for claims
  • Follow-up 8D report for continuous improvement

Shentou’s technical team consists of qualified and certified QA/QC engineers.

We have rich experience in selecting suppliers, auditing their manufacturing facilities, diagnostic their quality practices and improving their quality management systems.

  • Optimizing working capital by consolidation
  • Safety stock in China to secure in-time deliveries
  • Repackaging for private labels on customers demand
  • Picking / consolidation of orders for customers to their subsidiaries to reduce the logistic cost
  • Quality control before shipment
Single Payment Terms

  • Optimization of the working capital by installing single payment terms, i.e., Shentou will unify different payment terms and finance their customers

Financing through letter of credit, or providing a credit line.

Posibility of dealing in RMB outside of China

Currency Management